Episode 35

Dean Weinberg is a Business Advisor


February 14th, 2020

47 mins 24 secs

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About this Episode

This week we're joined by Dean Weinberg - public accountant, business advisor and partner at Carl Weinberg & Co - for a conversation about what makes a business work and the myriad things an account does. Dean integrates his experience into businesses at every level of success and uses accounting to help creative people thrive.

Topics include going deep with clients, what it takes to be successful, how to identify when a business is struggling, the balance of creativity and operations, and how working with a variety of companies and industries helps you grow.

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Show notes

  • If you're the best, no one can take you out
  • Understanding the difference between revenue and cash flow
  • Advising and integrating into business as a public accountant
  • The difference between a calculator and an adding machine 😱
  • Helping your clients achieve their potential
  • What is double entry accounting?
  • The RI Society of CPAs has an accounting olympics 🏋


Big thanks to NGHTSWM for the use of their song, Fiji, on this show.